2020 Skincare Trend - Full Body Routine

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Self-care has become a huge trend for 2020 and more people, especially women, are beginning to study and better understand the need to take the best care of our bodies. A significant part of these self-care activities revolve around the skin. And while developing skincare routines for our face is usually the priority, each part of our body needs some unique TLC as well.

All Skin is not Created Equally

The first step to a full-body skin care routine is understanding your individual skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and is equally as complex as it is simple. Although your skin may appear the same overall, the skin on each part of your body varies as every inch of your skin has an exact elasticity and strength for its location.

For instance the skin of your knuckles is very different from the skin on your belly. The thinnest skin is on your eyelids, .02mm, and the thickest skin in on your feet, 1.4mm. Your skin also renews itself every 28 days (source). All of these are reasons why having a skin care routine, unique to your body, helps ensure your new skin is it’s healthiest.

Given the skin on each part of your body is unique, creating a skincare regime for each major part will help achieve the best results. For instance:

  1. Use thicker moisturizers on your feet to help penetrate the skin. Using a foot soak or wrap will help moisture penetrate beneath the surface level and keep skin soft.
  2. Use your ring finger to apply eye creams as this is the gentlest finger and the skin around your eyes is the thinnest.
  3. Our lips retain less moisture than the rest of our bodies, so in addition to drinking water regularly, apply a moisture-rich lip balm throughout the day to keep lips soft. Gently exfoliating your lips also helps remove dead skin, revealing softer, smooth skin underneath. Routine moisture and exfoliating will also reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles.

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    Dry Brushing

    Although the majority of our body is covered throughout the day, our skin still sheds routinely, and needs a healthy dose of moisture to keep it smooth and in the best condition. Dry brushing before your shower will exfoliate skin, increase blood circulation and stimulate your nervous system.

    Select a brush with natural bristles and move across dry skin. Use long, flowing motions starting at your ankles, then at your wrist, brushing in the direction of your heart.

    For increased softness, use body polish or a sugar scrub two to three times a week while in the shower. Give extra attention to your knees and elbows where skin tends to be dryer to remove dead skin and brighten these areas.


    Our skin absorbs moisture best when it’s still damp, so apply your favorite body cream just after drying off from the shower. Use lighter moisturizers on your face and thicker moisturizers on the rest of your body - especially feet and hands. There are also a number of natural oils that can be used to help replenish nutrients in the skin.

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    Try This... A part of caring for your body includes what you put on your skin, as well as what you put in your body. Try swapping one of your skin care products for a natural alternative and notice the difference!

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